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Here I am knowing nothing (almost) about desert travel exploring a desert. The Sahara no less. I was no desert 'master' and I didn't have 10,000 hours to spare to learn...The secret was: MICROMASTERY. Micromastery is about mastering a small, discrete, learnable chunk of something much bigger and more inchoate. It provides several crucial things: a way into the new subject, a fun bitesized chunk, a model of how to proceed and most importantly- motivational nutrition.

Rapid Learning is all very well, but if it doesn't supply ongoing motivation you WILL give up. Rapid Learning is a short cut and some short cuts are so unpleasant you wish you'd gone the long way round. Micromastery provides many of the benefits of rapid learning but also, crucially, it contains within it the MOTIVATIONAL NUTRITION to continue. Turning up and keeping going are where it's at.


This site is dedicated to people who want to grow, become more, happier, brighter, bigger, better- however you want to put it. There are hundreds of articles all featuring some aspect of development or personal growth to be found in the blog. You can also get to them from the archive.

You'll find I often recommend the books of Idries Shah. It's because they have been a huge and useful influence on my life and work. I think reading his books is the best start for any kind of life altering you have in mind.

I believe that what I have to offer is best appreciated in this blog or in my books. But I know that some people love to chat and desire the attention you get in such encounters (me too of course). However to reduce the incidence of such chats on lifeshifting/personal growth/writing/creativity I charge £1000 a day to put people off. If you really think you'll benefit then get in touch using the email at the foot of this page. But doing some more reading/thinking will probably be time better spent and cheaper too.

One aspect of this site is an interest in exploring, promoting and developing the idea of polymathics as a distinct area of study. Though we may follow a single path, a specialisation - for commercial or other reasons - we all know rejuvenation, new ideas, new energy and complete revolutions in thinking come from outside our own little ghetto. The more open you are the more possibilities you have.

Photos I've taken of other writers with their own life messages form part of the The Message project to be found HERE

My latest two books- which help feed the polymathic theme are:


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Zenslacker- 101 things to bear in mind when you're doing nothing

This is available for kindle only. It's a very short book and is designed for people who need a few good ways to breakout of feeling time-and-spirit poor.

The other one is:



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Sunday Times (May 19 2013) say: "Robert Twigger's ambitious biography of the Nile is an unexpected triumph...a scintillatingly colourful account of a river and a region Twigger knows elegiac moving book...hugely entertaining...probably the author's magnum opus"

For a different take on exploration and new expeditions go to The photo above was taken by my good friend Steve Mann and features in the Thames and Hudson Book the Modern Explorers.

"No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit." Helen Keller.

Oh yes, aardvarks... "Aardvarks can dig fast or run in zigzag fashion to elude enemies, but if all else fails, they will strike with their claws, tail and shoulders, sometimes flipping onto their backs lying motionless except to lash out with all four feet. They are capable of causing substantial damage to unprotected areas of an attacker. Their thick skin also protects them to some extent." Are you a smart one?

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