What level of job can you assign yourself?
Saturday, March 3, 2018 at 10:06AM
Robert Twigger

One of the most useful concepts originated in the self-help sphere by Sci-fi writer A.E.Van Vogt was to ask of yourself: 'what level of task can I assign myself and carry out successfully?'

Lots of top executives on big wages can only take orders or follow pre-set routines. They cannot give themselves a higher level task than painting a fence or doing the laundry. It was a sobering realisation that the highest level task I could give myself was organising an expedition....starting a business, say, was beyond the task level I could set myself and carry out.

Until I met someone else who I could team up with. Together we set up a business that I could never, would never, have done on my own.

The modern era has seen jobs become even less attractive....and the chance to do your own thing even easier. There is money out there to be found. The only barrier is being able to assign yourself that task. But this is not a barrier if you have a group (which can be two of you, that's enough). You can assign yourselves tasks that alone would have seemed impossible.

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