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Real Men Eat Puffer Fish

And 93 Other Dangerous Things to Consider

Amazon writes: "The Dangerous Book for Men obviously uses the Dangerous Book for Boys, but takes the ball and runs with it. It's a spoof, but not just a tired, lame parody: Twigger is deadly serious in a Hemingwayesque kind of way and sees this title as a natural extension of his 2002 book Being A Man. The action is more authentic -- he has plenty of experience of facing down bears, building coracles, swimming with sharks, playing high-stakes poker, removing fishhooks from his hands -- and will be mixed with the faintly ludicrous and un-PC (performing a tracheotomy; slitting the throat of a sheep 'Afghan fashion'; landing a Boeing 747)."

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My most misunderstood book

This book contains under humorous guise many of my favourite obsessions, facts, beliefs, ideas that I have garnered painstakingly for the last 20 years. I had the most fun writing it of any of my books, and both the Barking and Dagenham Recorder and the Broken Hill Mining Radio got it...but no one else did. For some it was a kind of toilet book, full of odd facts. For others it was just another 'how to survive this' kind of book. I see it as an excursion into the kind blue collar polymathy exhibited by both grandfathers- men who could hunt, repair almost anything, build things and make you laugh.