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I give three kinds of talk (as of 2019).

Micromastery and Polymathics. Based on my book Micromastery (Penguin 2017) this talk is about the advantages of acquiring multiple expertise rather than specialising. Humorous and Insightful. Illustrated and with props.

My Adventures. Based on my adventures crossing deserts, catching the world's longest snake, travelling in a birchbark canoe across the Rocky Mountains and hunting for real life zombies. Humorous and insightful. Illustrated and with props. Look at Youtube for a five minute excerpted version of this under my name and 'night of adventure'.

Why the Future will increasingly look like the Past. An antidote to silly 'futuristic' nonsense like the 'singularity' and AI's triumph over everything. In a humorous and insightful (that again) talk I look at how humans use and abuse machines and technology to be able to live in the past, enact age old human passions and dreams and generally evolve in weirdly old fashioned looking ways. Illustrated with sounds and props.

I give all these talks in three different places, generally.



Literary gathering

My fee starts at £750 for corporate, £350 for schools and Literary gatherings. Negotiable if you have something interesting to offer in return. Contact either robtwigger at gmail dot com or Thehamiltonagency.com for more information.