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Master Class in Creative non-fiction Writing

I'm doing more and more teaching to select students who really want to improve their writing. For a talk, half day or full day session get in touch. I'm also teaching at Moniack Mhor summer 2015:


Polymathy: the art and science of cross-fertile thinking

I have a useful talk on polymathy. An attempt to introduce the idea of cross-fertile thinking to everyone. Includes  some of my favourite polymaths such as Richard Burton, Ibn Haytham and Buckminster Fuller.

email: robtwigger (at)


Hear me Talk

"Robert's true-life tales of big snakes and zombie hunts put the Dangerous Book for Boys in the shade. He has the innate ability to make the world seem more dangerous, exciting and full of possibility; and a marvellous knack of communicating with young people without patronising. I can't recommend him highly enough! "

Adrian Turpin, Director Wigtown Literary festival

My favourite thing (apart from searching for lost cities) is giving talks in schools. Or at festivals. Or in bookshops. To children of all ages.I like it so much I charge for doing it- otherwise I wouldn't do any writing.

My talks are different. I teach the audience how to catch a giant snake- and I bring my snake catching gear along. I teach children how ZOMBIES are actually REAL and how to find one for yourself. I teach tots how to do a few jujitsu holds as used in the Steven Seagal film Under Siege. I explain how to avoid a charging bear. I show everyone the right way to wear a bedouin headscarf during a sandstorm. And I tell them what its really like to experience a big adventure.

I talk about how every big adventure is a lot of little adventures added together.

I talk about the connections between stories and adventures. And I encourage children to write their own 50 word micro adventures. If they send it to me I'll post it on this site.

As you can imagine this kind of thing goes down a STORM. I have had a teacher tell me that an eleven year old boy, who had never participated in any writing at all, was motivated to write his own 100 word micro adventure. It was the first writing exercise he had shown interest in! I was told 'it was the most words he'd ever written at one time'.

Fees: I charge the Society of Authors agreed rate which is £150 a session. This works out to about half a morning. For a full day I charge £450. For half a day £300. If you can't afford these fees get in touch as there be some way of working something out.

"Robert Twigger's talk at the University of Sheffield was encouraging, inspiring and funny! Robert's perspective on life after university was a breath of fresh air- something that was definitely appreciated by students wanting to do something different after university! A guest speaker that we would recommend"

Lucy Brown- Careers Secretary Sheffield University Geography Society

For adults I have given talks on leadership, innovation and motivation to Procter and Gamble, Oracle computing, Maersk shipping, SAB Miller and many others.

Email robtwigger(at) for more information