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zenslacker #4

Zenslacking is about taking the less obvious route in a mad world, of which you are very much a part, so:

1.    Make a joke against something you hold most dear.

2.    Try, for a day or so, taking nothing seriously, even taking nothing seriously not seriously.

3.    Don’t ask why the world is mad- it just is.

4.    You think you need more money. What you need is to be more in the present. Wanting more money is being rooted in a future fixated frame of mind. You are hardly alive in such a state of mind. The feeling of desperately wanting money (not food or water- that’s different and real) is a good reminder that you are moving too far ahead in time too quickly. You’re literally on another planet. This is the mad world, not the now world. To stop worrying about money isn’t always easy. One way is to sit and try and force yourself for an hour to think of as many ways to make money as possible- the more stressful as well as the eminently dull and sensible. Sicken yourself with money lust- than have another cup of tea and a biscuit and look out of the window at the world.

5.    Find a good place to do nothing. Find good people to do nothing with. Do nothing as often as is bearable.

6.    Something always comes out of nothing

7.    Keep doing something until you are sic of it.

8.    Do things that need willpower everyday or on a day you have designated ‘shit day’. Prepare for that shitty day by reminding yourself about it.

9.    What will be written on your tombstone?

10.  Make time for old friends. If you find you are too stressed to take phonecalls from old friends then the next time it happens deliberately prolong the call until they are the one to end it.

11. When you find yourself getting that ‘trying hard’ feeling, take a pause. Think of mentally changing gear, dropping down a gear, expending less effort, less revs.


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