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zenslacker #6

1. Have a few friends that you can lie to without dire consequence. Encourage them to lie to you a bit from time to time. Enjoy telling a whopper. Enjoy being found out but never admit it’s a lie. Cover it with another even better lie.

2. Be a prat, from time to time, in front of people you don’t care about.

3. When you can do nothing, do nothing. But make yourself comfortable. Have a gin and tonic and talk about something lofty and refined

4. You’ll find that, by chance or otherwise, you are always moving, if very slowly, when the right moment comes. By moving I mean not in an inward looking slump with no outward focus or interest. If you are stationary you might miss it. But you’ll do it right the next time if you observe yourself missing the moment.

5.    Enlightenment is a decision.

6.    Try fishing with a bow and arrow. Or, at least think about fishing with a bow and arrow. Imagine how clear the water would have to be.

7.    Be up on daytime TV.

8.    Divorce is just the next stage.

9.    Your thoughts are just 1/10 you. The other 9/10 is your physicality and what you do.

10. Observe what you do when nobody is watching. Maybe it's funny.








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