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Rohlfs Expedition 2009-10

In another existence, almost, I help run camel expeditions in remote parts of the Egyptian desert. This year, from December 27th, we are doing the ultimate camel trip ever- certainly in the Sahara- maybe the world- 600km from Dakhla to Siwa oasis in the footsteps of German explorer Gerhard Rohlfs. It’s a tough journey- we shall aim to average 25 km a day for 27 days, most of which will be walked, though riding the camels will also be possible. We are looking for exactly the right people to fill the last few places in the expedition. There can be no more than seven and those that come must have an enthusiasm and sense of humour that will carry them through an arduous adventure. Also a decent level of walking fitness is required. And it won’t be cheap either. If you are interested, and it isn’t for everyone I realize, then go to for information on the homepage and also under ‘new stuff’.


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