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more thoughts on tickling

How do you spot a person who will laugh when you tickle them? Hard, if not impossible. Therefore take the giant leap of tickling only those who look like they would be the least likely to laugh. This may turn tickling into a kind of aggression, but it's such a silly thing that it will be OK I think.

Tickling others meets opposition sometimes. People pretend not to be ticklish. That doesn’t matter- symbolic tickling is often enough, though I have found tickle proof people are more likely to succumb to ultra light tickling rather than heavy handed stuff.

Other people’s kids can be tickled in lieu of a right telling off. I see schools patrolled by teachers armed with long tickle sticks. Maybe not. But policemen should definitely tickle people who get caught speeding or shooting lights. Then let them off. Thing is- should we, the voting public, be allowed to tickle policemen? Maybe on one day of the year? Definitely we should have the right to tickle the politicians we elect.

There are cases of people being tickled to death. A kind of torture. Like anything, in the wrong hands, tickling can be turned to evil purpose. But it’s not very likely though is it?

Celebrity tickle is a show I envisage where celebrities who wish to promote their latest dvd, comic role, song have to submit to being tickled by their fans. Folk in the TV audience do it too.

The Big Tickle is a reality TV show where people are fed a diet of food, drink and exercise that increases their susceptibility to being ticklish. Then masked ticklers wake them up while they are sleeping to tickle them. OK, sounds like torture- but aren’t they all?

To raise money for charity auction off the right to be tickled.


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