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zenslacker #7

It’s summer and you’re giving yourself a hard time over all the things you haven’t done. Time for some more zenslacking…


1. Make something out of nothing. Check litter bins for interesting things that can be turned into something else.

2. Sing while you are driving in heavy traffic. See if other drivers notice.

3. When you feel bad and hopeless get on your knees and prostrate yourself a few times. Treat is as exercise, afterwards.

4. Only exercise in the right clothes.

5. When alone and feeling nervous before some important meeting talk vociferously to yourself in a foreign accent.

6. Use laziness and doing nothing to combat addictions. Tell yourself you can’t be arsed to go to the service station for those cigarettes, that wine.

7. Have things handy to throw at the television. Adopt, if it seems novel, a “who gives a shit” attitude during the news.

8. Watch the sun break the horizon at dawn at least once a year.




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