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zenslacker #8

More and more people are zenslacking these days- isn't it great...

1.    Always be out without your cell phone if you are supposed to be waiting in for an important phonecall.

2.    Enjoy what is offered.

3.    Refuse to be impressed by money. Turn the conversation instead to the subject of ‘murderers I have met’. If you feel unable to fabricate having met a murderer talk about the overwhelming appeal of the colour yellow in all walks of life.

4.    If you can do it easily, without consuming the emotion, ie. not piously; then give away things that come to hand as gifts. 

5.   Often lie about your age. Pretend to be older too.

6.    On forms and CVs include a few pointless lies that are impossible to check.

7.    The mad modern world tries to process you. Avoid this by not processing others.




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