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how to be a parent #1

Jeff and Denise were hippies. (This is a true story by the way). They let their kids do anything. They weren’t particularly close to their kids. They weren’t those lax but loving kind of parents. They just let their kids do anything they liked. When they liked. Total and utter freedom from the word go.

They had two children: River and Free (real names!). Free is now an alcoholic. He has never held a job down for more than a few months and he has been in and out of alcohol addiction counseling for years. River, on the other hand, has, from the same parental start become a world famous architect, happily married with two children of his own. Though in professional practice he goes by the name of James.

When you’re feeling you aren’t doing enough, or the right thing for your kids take heart, drop down a gear, cut yourself some slack. Even if you do absolutely nothing you’ll have a 50% success rate…


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