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you want to be an entrepreneur?

Every successful entrepreneur I have met (and I admit I've only met a few, but still) acts like a human being, a normal person not some kind of mechanical business freak genius. They rely on friends and use ordinary relationships to pursue business ends. The only difference is they are willing to use money to sharpen the bait so to speak. They also talk refreshingly about how the money will be made. There is no hocus pocus- it is usually a simple case of selling something for more than you paid for it. Being entrepreneurial is seen as some kind of magic skill but actually most kids have it when they make some sweets or thumb wrestling puppets to sell at school. They do it partly also for the fun and they derive fun from being with the people they are doing business with. There is none of that ‘professional’ detachment you see in middle managers sneaking away to make endless emails. Almost every entrepreneur I have met has been a party animal or at least sociable and all have time for people.


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