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surfing D Day beaches

Much has been written about the recent revival of interest in the old Hawaian art of stand up paddle boarding- briefly surfing bifurcated at its origin into boards you jump up onto and boards you stand up from the word go and paddle with a nice long paddle. The latter allows full body exercise, the ability to get fun out of riding tiny waves as well as monsters and a piece of kit you can paddle up a canal if you really want to.

I’m off for a week or so to paddle board the Normandy beaches, surfing in on Omaha and Gold, on the latest brilliant piece of kit, yep, the INFLATABLE stand up paddle board- weighs a mere 10kg and fits in the space behind the car front seats. Inflatables are so brilliantly made these days they seem rock hard when fully pumped…hmm odd sentence that…anyway here goes- my next post will, I hope, be next week sometime.


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