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Money is no longer (so) important



What? Are you crazy? Money makes the world go round. Money can buy you love even if it’s just cupboard love- which is better than no love at all. Money can feed the poor.

I’ll say it again: money is no longer important.

To run a publishing company to produce a small magazine used to cost a lot of money. Now you can do a blog that reaches as many or more people and it is free.

Porsche can’t get a loan to produce their fancy cars. Do you want a fancy car? Fine – get one if you have the cash- but if you haven’t no problem. Walk or bike instead. A bike in the developed world costs less than it ever has as long as you steer clear of fancy stuff. ‘Money isn’t important’ means- everything that costs money nowadays is a luxury.

A luxury not a necessity.

To be a fulfilled humanoid requires only a minimal amount of inputted cash. In many parts of the world they lack this cash- but not in YOUR part. If you are reading this you are rich by global standards. You have the means and the ability to gain enough cash for anything. No more excuses!

You want to make movies, change the world, become known for something? All free.

Didn’t used to be. Distribution used to be tightly controlled. Not anymore.

Everything worth doing now can be done for very little money. Even travel.

It’s a unique and brilliant time to be alive!


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