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life gets drained out of things

It is easily observed that the more something is repeated the more 'life' gets drained out of it. The energy and fun goes. So we hunt for new forms to provide a better vehicle for 'life'. Often we put the cart before the horse and think anything new guarantees more 'life'. But even a conversation can be a new form, or, rather, by being aware of life the new forms suggest themselves. I wonder if one looks for these manifestations they are potentially everywhere.

Of course a lot of the 'sparkle' of new encounters, of doing things for the first time is that the attention you get is better. The more a thing is repeated the less attention it usually provides. And 'lower quality' ie. less attractive attention.

By looking below the pleasant buzz of good quality attention, or looking around it, one can exert that special effort to inject 'life' into living. I'm going to try it anyway.

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