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go wild in the country

Time for a new header I think and recently I have been thinking about wildness- wild places and acting wild. Playing around with the idea wild means the opposite of tame- and tame means owned, imprisoned, rulebound. When you talk to some folk they actually think making MORE RULES will solve all the world's 'problems'. I went to a kid's party recently (easier to crash than the adult version) and there was a fifteen minute wait to get in- why? Because a couple of mums thought no one should enter without a ticket. But the party- for Halloween- was way out on the edge of town- you'd be mad to go there on the off chance of getting in ticketless- plus- an honour system where you showed your ticket (instead of being shaken down for it) would have worked just as well and 500% faster. Maybe two or three would have sneaked in. Big deal.

So, go wild. A bit wild. As you get older you get more staid. But when you're young it's no better- you live within a mental prison, things you can't conceive doing. Go wild- get the best of both worlds. Though there is a big attention factor in the attractiveness of deviant behaviour there is also a wildness factor. By building a bit of wildness into life you also straighten it out, so to speak.

Go wild in conversation. I find that if you can raise the stakes and make conversation a bit wild, a bit dangerous it gets a) a lot more interesting and b) you actually connect with who you are talking to. 

Go wild in the country. Instead of taking all the normal gear wear quick dry shirt and trousers and amphibious trainers. Aim to wade and swim rivers, plough up streams cross swamps and climb trees. Go without map or compass and find your way home using the direction of the wind, the lie of the land, the stars.




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