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what if you had $10 million?

It's a fun game to play- what would you do if you had $10 million? Or $20 million or $30 million? It's one way of finding out if what you are doing RIGHT NOW is what you really want to be doing, or are just doing to earn money. But is it?

A good friend of mine is a therapist in Hollywood. He has counseled some very famous and very highly paid movie stars, including THE STAR, whose name I won't mention but who is one of the top earning movie actors in the world, earning in excess of $25 million a picture- and he's made lots of pictures.

THE STAR became very keen on my friend because my friend is a great listener and listened to THE STAR complaining about all the problems money brings: how he can't trust people anymore because he's not sure if they like him or his money. THE STAR also wanted to travel and my friend is well traveled. My friend had been to India a lot and THE STAR was very interested in going to Varanasi. OK said my friend, I'll take you. One day, out of the blue he gets a call. It's THE STAR. He wants to go to Varanasi next week. But next week is Christmas and my friend has his family and friends to think of so he says 'how about the first week of the new year?' But THE STAR, like most stars and all children, wants to party right now so he goes on his own to Delhi because Varanasi is like too much of a leap in the dark. He stays three days and comes home disappointed. He says he got scared and freaked out.

This guy is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. And he can't even go on holiday.

So how much do you need?

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