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what world do you live in?

First World citizen: a lovely fellow, though a tad greedy, arrogant and strangely nervous, a resource depleter with optional guilt- need a flush toilet or you’ll die holding it in.

Second World citizen: more resourceful and cheerful than a first worlder, though still trying to be one- by the creative method of simply making more things and more pollution. Able to use a squat loo but envy those with a flusher.

Third World Citizen: Wonderful folk mired in traditional practices while the elite steal from everyone. At home with the miraculous. At least able to take a shit in the bush.

Fourth World Citizen: Have no national allegiances, can originate anywhere but see yourself on a permanent journey, usually a few hang-ups about not fitting in; determined to show no guilt, capable of living in a mud hut or a penthouse suite, an eye out for the miraculous, can shit anywhere; usually hard-up, but can be rich in experiences and skills.

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