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what's your A level?

What’s your A level? How Alienated are you? The more alienated you are from the surroundings you live in the harder it will be to make a living in those surroundings. One solution is to move, or find a subculture to thrive in. Another is to just try and see the glass as half full rather than half empty.

If you want to make money it has been observed that the more alienated you are the harder it is to make money. This follows commonsense rules: the more you accept society and the world as it is, the bigger your potential market. If you refuse to deal with people who work for multinationals then your market is smaller. Which isn’t to say it is impossible to succeed- there are ‘cool’ subcultures that influence the mainstream- the thing is, you’ll feel like a sell out when you do make that cross-over. Or maybe you’ll be less alienated by then.

I know what I’m talking about because I’ve gone from a rather abiding alienation and rejection of most activity on this planet to a growing wonder and awe at the sheer diversity and energy of life manifested everywhere by human beings. That sheer abundance of activity and ingenuity I try to now make my reference point. It has, in the main, replaced my earlier dismay at all the ‘blunders’ mankind makes.

Rose tinted spectacles- not really. We all perceive reality through some kind of framework or lens if you prefer. You chose what kind of framework that is. Since life is dynamic and ongoing it is a matter of time frame for many judgements. A building site looks a mess if you have a time frame of a few weeks- it is simply part of a beautiful building if that time frame expands to a few years.

We don’t make the world with our thoughts. Rather we interpret what is there and base our action on that interpretation. And people react to us depending on how we see them and think about them.

By changing the way you see the world you can change how the world impacts on you and your influence on others- even if its just by being more cheerful and upbeat.

This is what happens when your A level is reduced. People want to spend more time with you, they trust you better and that makes doing business much much easier. Also you like them rather than resent them.

Of course having a high A level you'll feel a whole lot cooler hanging out with all the existentialists and grunge musicians etc. It wears off after a while though.

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