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big yang therapy

I was down at my local bookstore, which is called Volume One, when I realised, as if a diamond bullet had struck me between the eyes, ie. I had an idea, that the modern world is too yin and most men need to indulge in Big Yang Therapy.

Yin and Yang – the ancient Chinese dichotomy of energies in the universe. Yin is quiet, inward looking, nest building, reflective, passive. Yang is outward looking, loud, action oriented. As a person who spends most of his day in front of some kind of screen - like many people- I am way over in the Yin end of the spectrum. Time to change!

Big Yang Therapy is all about indulging in extreme masculine pastimes in order to switch the yin/yang balance. Why? Because I firmly believe, no, I know, that when men get too yin they get sick- mentally maybe, physically, certainly. Throw the Big Yang switch now!

OK. Back home with my very yin purchases- a book and a newspaper in French…I return to my theme. Yang up everything you do:

Yang food:- cook on an open fire in the backyard, preferably not a barbecue. Use wood you have split yourself with an axe you have sharpened yourself. More info on axe work elsewhere on this site.

Yang hobbies:- take up pistol shooting with live ammo at a range. In these troubled times gun ownership is probably rightly seen as abberent- so no need to bring the gun home or even own it. The essence of Yang therapy is in action not possession of goods. Bang bang bang then back home feeling…good!

Yang exercise:- forget the gym- build a climbing wall in your home- a traverse wall- and never let your feet touch the ground. Extreme!

Yang working:- Decide instantly. Do it now. Stop chewing things over and just get moving! Take responsibility. Other things being equal, when faced with a yin and a yang option, always take the yang, man.

Push the Yang lever to the max and leave the Big yinnies way behind…

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