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interstitial living

People with regular hi-pressure full time jobs are missing out on the interstitial spaces in life. The gaps in the interstices of life are, I increasingly think, where life itself tends to squat, hidden, a bit, from view. I was talking the other day with friends about parties and how the preparing for the party, the late night of the party, the morning after are all better than the party itself. It’s as if you need these EXCUSES- job, parties, holidays, expeditions- to be able to occupy the interstitial gaps they create. One pal of mine is on five day break looking after a friend’s shop part time- how cool is that? Whereas looking after a shop fulltime is my idea of purgatory. On holiday it’s the stop at the café for a cold beer or a hot chocolate mid afternoon I like rather than the museum I just saw. But I need the museum to enjoy the break. Problem is- we forget that and make the raison d’etre the be all and end all. Full on jobs and hobbies that suck up all the interstitial holes for miles around. The secret is to multiply those interstices, be an interstitial hole generator or know how to spot them coming.

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