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how to get pumped

When you’re pumped you have enough momentum energy to carry you over the threshold dip into a new activity- because make no mistake, starting something new, meeting someone new needs a reserve of energy to carry you over the threshold. So you get pumped first.

Get pumped physically. If you are an athlete you may already know enough about yourself to be able to get pumped even when you feel down or tired. My way is to keep dropping down an energy level until I find something so easy there is no inner resistance. I find peddling on a stationary bike on resistance one is good. Do it six or seven minutes, building slowly until you’re racing. When you come off you’ll be pumped to do a real stretching or training set.

Get pumped creatively. The opposite of creation is control. Creation is the big splurge, no limits. It is akin to sexual energy in that sense- the less inhibition there is the more of it you can tap into. So you need to get yourself into a creative field or zone where you can be really uninhibited. Now this could mean producing stuff no one likes- fine- warm up writing or painting or whatever with this crazy stuff and when you are pumped switch to doing the more mundane tasks. You’ll have enough momentum to carry through and succeed and get the success pay off energy you so rightly deserve!

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