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best aid to creativity

If you feel 'uncreative' it means you've got jammed up somehow. Being creative is a normal state, so you have to focus on removing blockages not adding extras. Creativity is about being open to what is out there and just letting it flow into you. One of the best aids is to remove the 'I'. It isn't YOU that is or is not creative. YOU are just a channel for all the stuff, ideas, innovations floating ready formed around in the ether. So act being someone else to get access to this free idea store. If you feel inhibited pretend you're a hippy. Act being a hippy and say to yourself 'how will the hippy solve this one?' If you're feeling 'not artistic enough' pretend you're a millionaire businessman, act quickly with decisive vim, tell yourself, 'how will the millionaire businessman' solve this one?

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