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two ways you can go

Ariens Sno-Tek ST22 Two Stage Petrol Snow Thrower Product code: ET2829 £707.50


Snow Shovel Sturdy Red Snow Shovel with Wooden Handle Product code: AA2273 £7.85

The snow thrower - a bit like a leaf blower is the latest bit of kit you don't need. At a hundred times the price of a plastic shovel it seems extraordinary that anyone would want one. We're all missing chances to use our bodies, suffering obesity and we can even save a vast sum of money solving just these problems by buying the shovel rather than the blower.

Of course a blower will be a lot of fun- for the first five minutes. Just as that jet boat I went on was a great laugh, at first. Then it was just as boring as any other kind of water craft. Everything becomes boring after a while so it makes sense to be getting fit at the same time.

Why not buy a crate of champagne or two and a shovel- surely that will be a Merrier Christmas than a sno-blower taking up yet more garage space?

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