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Lightness versus heaviness

We all know people who are ‘too heavy’. You may know people who by their studied attempts to be light hearted actually weigh things down, as if their very shallowness masks an inner lugubriousness, a real heaviness.

In truth, it’s rare to be light. To be someone providing light, who has a light touch, who is, in this way, enlightened.

Light people provide light. They make things seem easy. They stop obscurity. They don’t hide from facing up to life. They have an easy optimism. They make a joke of grind.

I think light people actually beam a kind of light outwards. They are generous. Taking, calculating, getting your ‘fair share’ are all heavy, all self-obsessed. Generousity is not only about giving, therefore lightening your load, its about focusing outwards, giving others impetus, making them lighter too.

Because the best quality of light people is that they lighten our load too, they make our lives less dim, lighter in terms of visibility and lighter in terms of the weight upon our shoulders.

How do the enlightened beam light at us? Quite literally by sending their light out, their affection, their generousity.

This is the start of lightness- giving things away without wanting anything in return. Lightening your own stash. The more you can give away the lighter you become.

Light people characteristically arrive unexpectedly and leave quickly having greeted everyone most fulsomely, spread a little light everywhere. They do not overstay, nor leave early just because that is the done thing. Lightness and an impeccable sense of timing and an absence of greed are all connected and maybe worth contemplating.

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