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How to be charismatic

Who doesn't want to be charismatic? Well not everyone. I recall a student of Carlos Castenada's saying that if there were 30 people in the room the 30th one you'd pick as Carlos Castenada would be Carlos Castenada. Which is sort of related to an assumption about charisma in its true meaning- a religiously inspired energy- which you can still observe in very convinced believers...but this is not where I wanted to go here. What I am interested in is what my good friend Frank observed- 'if you like to be liked then you'll be a nice guy but if you make it your job to do the things you like then you'll be charismatic'. Who isn't inspired by a true enthusiast, even a little? Different from a bore, who has replaced enthusiasm with obsession- kind of like exchanging gold for lead.

Maybe one can use the pleasant prospect of being thought charismatic as a carrot for pursuing more of the things that really interest.

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