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agile minds not factfarting number jugglers

In this week's New Scientist there is a plea for 'agile minds' rather than yet more science graduates to solve the so called 'STEM crisis'. Michael Brooks, curator of the Waterloo Global Science Initiative Learning 2030 summit ( states that the surprising thing is that theoretical physicists and even the CEO of Lockheed said that more science graduates is not the answer. While it is true that low level positions can be filled by numerate graduates- there is actually not a problem here. Wages haven't risen in this area for a good reason- there isn't a real shortage here. The probem is higher up. The conventional science graduate seems to lack organisational, communication and management skills. So a gap opens up where the real creative work needs to be done. Brooks suggests a big change in the way people are recruited into university is required. What is required are people who can think creatively, broadly and communicate clearly. In other words- they need people skilled in polymathics- multiple mastery.

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