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traditional parenting

Just as we have seen a move in the last forty years towards using traditional foodstuffs that haven't been mucked around by chemicals, hormones and anti-biotics; so I think we'll see a return to using the main ideas of traditional parenting, but in balance with whatever genuine modern benefits we have accrued. An analogy might be using organic vegetables but cooking with a juicer, mixer and an electric oven. I searched quickly on amazon for books on traditional parenting- there are plenty on non-traditional- but NONE on the good points of traditional parenting. It's a tricky subject because in the current era the culture suggests we blame our parents for just about EVERYTHING. So if the modern world is less than perfect then our parents - and their methods of parenting- must be at fault. The fact that the phrase 'traditional parenting' is now a cliche for bad 'Victorian Dad' type parenting means that the time is ripe for change- when something is a bonehead TV cliche its usually 100% wrong. Just as traditional food has been rediscovered, so too will the lost skills of previous generations of parents begin to be revalued- in all cultures not just our own. This is a key point- the Irish had organic potatoes before the famine- but it wasnt a healthy balanced diet. We may have to widen the search for better versions of traditional than our own recent past.

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