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gardening and fun

I was brought up in a family of keen gardeners and turned my back on the whole darn thing until very recently. So I am both a complete beginner but also a man loaded with a lifetime of prejudice. I have been attempting as my first foray into the world of growing to clear an old allotment. My observations so far is that having fun is downplayed in gardening. Doing stuff like hacking away grass and weeds should be as much fun as getting your first lettuces and plums. More fun. I think I was wedded to the idea of gardening as a consumer activity- the fun is in the getting, whereas the fun is in the doing. So you need fun tools. Sharp crazy dangerous tools are excellent for slashing at weeds. Forget sensible scythes and shears- get a sickle on a long stick or, better, this tool which is like an elongated machete but bent at the end- like a lethal golf club. They're used to clear acres in countries too poor for strimmers, or places where strimmers aren't wanted. And if you're a sedant (a pedant who sits down a lot) then what the fuck are you doing with power tools anyway? Next up the humble spade and fork must go. They have gained a stupid prominence owing to the use of pesticides. When you have to get rid of serious weed coverage au naturel you need a mattock-hoe and a full-sized bent fork. Both have made life so much!

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