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10 things sci-fi films get wrong

1.   No old houses lovelingly restored and cherished with properly sourced floorboards and windows

2.   No Jehovah’s witnesses, Muslims or Wicca people- all fast growing religions and likely to proliferate even more in the next few centuries. Think what has to happen for a religion to actually die out.

3.   No People who hate technology

4.   No avid gardeners

5.   No hobby falconers

6.   No golf

7.   No one using Latin tags such as caveat emptor or ad hominem

8.   No widespread depression, anomie or mental illness with an undiagnosed cause (at least officially).

9.   No countries or even places of origin. Or Americans who self-identify as Persian.

10.                 No family meals. No Christmas and New Year.

I think what we want to change blinds us to what we can change. Most sci-films are a kind of yearning to not be human. As if people realise their MAIN problem is they are human- they can either face up to that or fancifully sidestep it or imaginatively deal with it, by imagining different worlds.

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