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A new way to divide up the world

People are either Precision oriented or Iterative oriented. A few can master skills of the other- they achieve great success.

Gardening is an iterative process, you keep sweeping by tugging a few more weeds out each time. You don’t get all the tomatoes picked but most of them- the ones you miss you get a few days later. Organic stuff is best approached in an iterative fashion because things are changing and growing- it's more dyanamic than sheet metal and electronics- which is why engineers can be precision minded (though not all are- the hammer and duct tape school).

Some writers are iterative- they do sweep after sweep to get a ‘perfect’ result. Others try and score it in one shot with a tidy up afterwards. They are precision oriented.

Really precision oriented people spend ages setting something up before they attempt it. Lots of planning and every possible mistake you might encounter thought about and planned for. Iterative folk jump in and adapt, knowing they’ll get a few second chances.

Some cultures are more precision oriented- UK for example- which is why, I suggest, the highest quality precision engineered products- motor racing cars are made here, iterative- Egypt and the US.

Precision orientation enables you to succeed if you can have the gumption to try. But often Precision Oriented folk scare themselves by saying ‘They don’t have the right tools for the job”. Iteratives may keep on giving it a go with slap dash tools.

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