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the single easiest way to boost creativity

I meet whiners all the time who go on about their lack of creativity...and yet when a good idea comes up they are the first to be dismissive. They couldn't spot a good idea if it whacked them around the head with a wet kipper...and I always tell them the same thing. "I once knew someone who was so uncreative he was the living personification of uncreativity but he dreamed of working in TV, and sure enough by sheer hard work he got in and started working and hanging around creative people and after twenty years of that he came up with a string of hit TV programs- some of which have been exported all around the world. He became creative by learning to see good ideas when they came his way. People who lack creativity think the ideas are 'inside'. Wrong! They are all out there. Learn first to spot a good idea when someone else has one. Learn to spot the shape and dimensions and feel of a good idea- they're everywhere. Forget about what's inside your own head.

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