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straight lines again

It has taken me a shockingly long time to work out that straight lines are poisonous and unnatural but very tempting. Very tempting indeed. Going round the houses is not only more interesting, it's often the end. The world is full of modern straight lines, which only serve to confuse us...after all if a skyscraper goes straight to the point why not us too? I'm so convinced of this now I like to plan every mission with a first step in the opposite direction...

What else? Oh yes, Aikido master Ueshiba sensei used to say that in his day a student had to steal a technique from the teacher, it wouldn't be given, let alone 'taught' other words he eschewed the direct approach which says students should be rammed head first into what they ought to know. Instead take the opposite line...hide it from them, make them desire it and hunt it down, steal it if necessary...

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