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donkeys of Oman

Just been 2500 metres up a mountain in Oman with some feral donkeys and executives from a big and famous company (not the same thing I must hasten to add). I was there initially to speak about leadership, adventure and the natural polymathy of a homemade expedition. After that we sat round the camp fire and heard the wild donkeys bray. One Omani told me a national proverb, "If your motive is good, a farting donkey won't hurt you." I took that to mean 'a man with a clear conscience will be untroubled by petty alarms'. Though having walked up a mountain before in the wake of a farting mule I can say it is hardly an optimum mode of travel. But windy business aside, this trip to Oman is proving a great way to get a first glimpse of a place with possibilities for all kinds of adventurous travel.

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