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The melted cup

Some nalgene-type drinking bottles resist heat well...

Others don't....

This happened on a walk between two stones marked on the map as interesting. Both turned out to be modern engraved things left by conservation societies at pleasant viewpoints. Then we came across this stone embedded in a wall.

Maybe an old Sarsen stone, or perhaps a slab made for an early enclosure. Thomas Hardy built his house within a stone circle, and somewhat implausibly didn't know this. Richard Burton's first long poem was entitled 'stone talk'. Richard Long the artist famously carries small stones from place to place. In Robert Graves's masterful short story 'The Shout' a man searches endlessly on the beach for the stone that is his soul...then the stone is broken into four pieces.

Walking between big Sarsen stones, or looking out for them, makes for an interesting expedition, even if they turn out to be not what you imagined.

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