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quit or do what you like right now

Arthur Deikman had a great exercise called 'I quit'. It takes just ten minutes. You take ten minutes off from life to say 'i quit, I just quit' to every sugestion or thought or impulse or flash of guilt or idea that comes in to your mind. If you start to question the game remind yourself it is only for ten mniutes- BUT FOR THOSE TEN MINUTES you quit. The purpose is to free yourself from self imposed burdens, including pain, emotional turmoil and other elements of windblown mind trash, useful perhaps in another context but not here, not all blowing around.

Another good one for when you feel weighed down is 'do what you like right now'. For one day- yes an entire day you can manage that- you do EXACTLY what you want to do. Now you may think you do this already pretty much but my guess is most of the time you are running to keep up with things you have already set running. You are in fact doing exactly what you wanted to do last week except its now. Every time you write a list you are making yourself do a present urge sometime in the future. Of course this is just 'life', but for one day you don't do it. Do what you want to do right now. See what happens, how it feels.

As a matter of fact I am doing it as I write this. 

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