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Are you a dog or a human being?

Dog trainers report that ending a training session on a negative note, when the dog has failed to achieve a task and not received the expected reward, results in up to SIX WEEKS of setback in overall training.

Are we so very different from our furry friends? I beg to suggest that in many respects we are not. So when you engage on something akin to a path of training: self-improvement, building a new business, writing a book, studying it makes sense to end any session when things are going well, on an upnote with a self-given reward.

We tend to treat ourselves worse than modern teachers treat us. Mostly they take care to leave children with a positive result at the end of each lesson. But when we have to educate ourselves, or build something on our own, we can lapse into beating ourselves up, ending sessions on a down note.

So don’t be surprised by a six week psychological setback.

So much of doing your own thing is being UP and motivated. Why makes things harder by imagining you are above learning from a dog?

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