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different kinds of teacher

There are several different kinds of teacher. For example in a martial arts dojo the head teacher may have a big reputation that attracts talented students. In the controlled environment of the dojo he may work stuff that looks like a miracle. Certainly he or she will be impressive- but they probably won't have normal friendships with their students. Part of being 'open' to a teacher precludes to some extent the banter and rough and tumble of ordinary friendship. This teacher is there, among other reasons, as a magnet for attracting the right calibre of people. Also he supplies an energy for general improvement. But within the dojo you will probably find a person who can be your teacher in a different sense. Maybe you are their only student, the only person who really pays attention to what they say and do. You can see all thier flaws, however they have something you admire or want to emulate so they become your teacher. Because they do not have the worries and cares of many students they can direct a different kind of attention to you. 

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