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Beginner's Mind- a course for writers

Beginner's Mind is a zen concept referring to the unsullied state of mind, not riven by greed, ambition and imagination, a mind fully plugged in to just LEARNING. It's the mind of someone beginning a study of something- they don't know enough to start 'criticising' and taking a stance on things. But very shortly they will get sucked in to all the politics and received opinions that surround every subject from flower arranging to...writing.

This course- 23 and 24 July 2016  in Bridport, Dorset, UK aims to send the participants back to that earlier stage, before they even thought about writing or being a writer, maybe back to the first words they ever wrote- strangely enough mine were pure fiction 'On Saturday I went fishing with my Dad.' Only years later did I actually go fishing with my Dad - but then I find fiction writing can very often be a kind of precognition- yet another example of the varied and strange powers of Beginner's Mind. And maybe not that USEFUL, however, what is, is the ability to scythe away all the accumulated detritus that drags your pure and powerful creativity down.

If you suspect there is a lion caged within you waiting to explode with creative energy, the exercises and experiences of Beginner's Mind wiritng course may be for you.

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