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micromastery buddy club

When you see something you want to get into it helps to have a buddy doing it with you. But sometimes, often you're all alone. I include myself! Today I was looking at a book on wargaming I bought a while back and it looked such a huge subject I thought the classic 'I'll never be able to get into that- it's too vast'. That's the trouble with lots of introductions- well meant in their own way- they just serve to put you off. After you bought the eye candy, in my case the book. But what if a buddy could explain a war gaming micromastery to me? That would help. I am thinking some kind of micromastery buddy club. People are already reaching out (sorry) and sharing micromastery stuff together. Maybe it could be welded together- or maybe it will be about small self-supporting groups. One thing it won't be is the MAIN event in your life. I'm thoroughly sick of every platform- patreon, facebook, instagram trying to ensnare people and make them devote their lives to what is in many cases merely half-baked exhibitionism. Nope micromastery is just a part of life, but still a darned good part all the same! Keep on learning!

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