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How not to go mad in modern life

I just got off the phone to A-on- a cut price energy company which has terrible reviews on the net- deservedly. Anyway- the woman grilling me asked if I wanted to give my email- I said no. She then asked if I wanted to receive 'email news of offers that will save me money'. I said no. She then asked if I wanted to receive other information by email. I said- 'You haven't got my email so how can you send me information by email?' She replied, 'I just have to ask these questions.' But that's mad, I said, you're acting like a robot etc etc generally blowing off steam. But I realised that even a robot could be programmed to not ask email based questions once it was established there was no email. Robots also do not go mad, unlike humans- me- driven mad, her- acting insanely. So now we have the unhappy, and so common it is hardly remarked upon, experience of humans reduced to behaving worse than robots...bring on the singularity! Roll out the androids!

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