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a few interesting things

1. Siberian folk tap the top of an anthill a few times to anger the ants. They then hold their hands above the hill, an inch away, to get it squirted with formic acid. This is a highly effective anti-insect treatment. Rubbed on the hands and face no horseflies or mosquitoes will subsequently attack.

2. A old beech tree, long cut down, a stump with no leaves remains alive centuries later. It is kept alive by the other beeches pumping sugars and other nutrients to it through their overlapping root system.

3. The animal keepers in scientific labs usually have a far higher regard for the intelligence of their cares than the scientists who are meant to be the experts. The sensible, intuitive, spot-on kind of observation made by someone who really knows is more likely to be made by a nursing orderly than a nurse, more likely to be made by a nurse than a doctor, more likely to be made by a trainee doctor than old behemoth in charge. Observation with caring-for; without ego involvement, and theory, leads to real knowledge.

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