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When prolific self-help author Steve Pavlina was asked what characteristic would he say was most invaluable to a growth mindset he answered 'courage'.

Here's what I have gleaned on the subject over the years.

First forget that stupid Hemingway quote 'Grace under pressure'- what nonsense except in movies. Some of the most courageous people I know are annoying ditherers.

Most people are naturally courageous if they find themselves in a courageous group.

Drink emboldens most people.

The main way to be courageous is to psyche yourself up. I have found with a day's warning I can psyche myself up to do things I'd bolt from if asked to do it cold.

Instant courage only comes from practising an instant response.

There are tricks to employ once you know 'lacking courage' is a temporary phase. Smoking a cigarette, downing a drink or cup of coffee- all these can be simple props to get you ready to act bravely.

Courage to go it alone is hardest.

Courage to believe in your own ideas without asking for others opinions is hardest.

"Ah, fuck it,' can be a mantra that's gets you moving.

'What have I got to lose?' can be another. Finding courage stimulating mantras is a great idea.

Courage is very affected by food and warmth and lack of. But knowing this helps.

Every man and woman has a breaking point. The skill is to know how to avoid reaching yours.

Be unafraid of death.

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