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I have long been troubled by the hallowed and almost pretentious title 'artist'. OK if you are painting things from an easel, though even then the suspicion of a bit of malarkey going on, a con being pulled is always almost present. In previous centuries- I mean before the late nineteenth when art supplanted mystical experience as the pinacle of high human experience- being an artist was existentially the equal of any other craft, just with a few more handholds for grabbimg beauty and setting it down for others to appreciate. But now artist means many different things to different people. It has ceased to have any generally accepted public meaning.

Enter the ARTVENTOR. An artventor is someone who makes art type objects- pictures, sculptures, ceramics, films etc but revels in pure invention and experimentation. An experimental artist then? No, because the artventor aims to produce satisfying artventions. They can have NO CONNECTION with previous and traditional forms of art but they should look good, be aesthetically pleasing and so on. They don't have to make you think like conceptual art does. An obvious artvention was the mobile. Tinguely machines too- but these are just the more obvious examples. An artvention cannot JUST be a good idea. The execution must be pleasing to the eye in some way shape or form. The idea of anti-art is childish- art is meant to reveal the underlying beauty of the world and connect us to a deeper unified reality. Artventing can help on this mission. Anyone can be a bit of an artventor. It's about having a go not being written about by mouldy old art critics!

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