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Edinburgh Micromastery Photography Course

Last minute course - How to Micromaster Street Photography- in Edinburgh during the festival- Monday 21st August- 9.30am to 12.30pm- three hours of fun and learning shooting the streets of Edinburgh at its fullest and most interesting...Again I'll be approaching it from the Zen street photography angle, emphasising ways of getting into the right flow withoiut fuss or bother.

Writers who want to increase their range, beginners at photography and people who already know what they are doing- all welcome. 

The key ideas I explored in zen street photography (getting into the right headspace, deep looking, how best to get into a flow state) will inform the orientation for the morning. We'll examine the key concept of 'getting closer' from all angles. We'll try and pin down micromastery routines that help looking for the fun in taking street pictures. Then we'll look at some other street photographers, learn plenty of clever tricks, hacks and wheezes before trying it all out.

Any camera you feel comfortable with and know how to use - from a phone to a Canon megabeast mark 3- will be fine. But bear in mind that small and inconspicuous cameras usually trump big and obvious ones...

I offered this as a workshop recently and it went incredibly well so book now!

£45 concs available

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