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justice, fairness, rights

You cannot reduce high level activity (meaning only adult humans with considerable competency can carry them out) to lower level activity without missing out the crucial ingredient. So it is when people parrot that 'justice is fairness'. If it was, then there wouldn't be any justice. Justice is fairness+foresight. Foresight, of course, being the factor X that no simplistic moral rule book can deal with. It is just happens to be somethig humans can do.

Which leads us to rights. How can we talk about rights unless there is a structure in place to enforce those rights? That means a non-corrupt judiciary and an executive police force to make sure rules are adhered to. That's quite a tall order. So before any talk of rights we need to look at what makes for non-corrupt civic behaviour. This probably requires family and tribal bonds to be weakened. if they are not, talk of rights is premature. You need to relocate justice within a different tribal or familial framework.

Likewise, within a family, there can be no talk of rights unless family bonds are reduced to almost nothing. The concept of justice within the famlly requires fairness and foresight; both of which taking a second place to love, which in this context means attention to others and doing things for others in a non-transactional way.

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