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"Even scientists are asking whether an undifferentiated curiosity is really man’s highest and most hallowed attribute." 

Peter Brent, author of biographies of Darwin and Scott and also of the book Godmen of India.

Curiousity without context, without judgement is the curiousity of the child poking his fingers into the electric socket- might get lucky, might not.

Curiousity, when completely absent in children, is a horrible thing to behold- looks like death. However adult curiousity is a tool and not a master. Both right and left brain are involved. When the left brain is in control it is simply saying 'all curiousity is good'. The right brain, being able to a greater or lesser extent to be able to transcend time- gets an overview and sees that this path might not be fruitful. The right brain supplies FORESIGHT, the higher form of intelligence.

Naturally all those in the grip of left brain dominance will disagree with this...

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