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walking Camino Real in winter

A pal who has just walked the whole Camino in winter (finished a few days ago) had this to say about his kit choices:

"The kit was amazing.  The Paramo Cascada jacket with ‘one’ long-sleeve icebreaker merino sleeve was good in ‘feels like’ -9C whilst walking.  With another merino and / or gilet, good when stationary too.  And kept me dry when it pissed it down torrentially for 4 hours.  Loved the gaiters - kept the trousers clean and made me look, and feel, like a ‘pro’.  Biggest surprise hit was the icebreaker merino wool beanie.  When it arrived in the post one day before leaving I was, “ah fuck!  I’ve ordered the wrong item”, but for the first time I had a breathable, tiny, lightweight head-covering that kept me comfortably warm but not too hot - love it.  Total Osprey convert.  Items I should have taken but didn’t... a change of shoes (man, should have got those crocs!); and, a small dry bag for phone / wallet."

Get out there!

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