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temptations of the trickster

The trickster can be tempted and become the conman, even a criminal. Lots of traditional tales talk of redeemed highwaymen and robbers becoming top students...but the other way is also possible. Tricksters can trick their way into power and lose their sense of direction. They can be blinded by gifts and praise. A trickster who likes spartan conditions is lucky. A trickster who has a strong feeling for friends and family is not necessarily protected- even a snake loves its offspring. The only real protection a trickster has is his or her ends and means scale. When ends justify means you know you're slipping. 

It is because the trickster is so slippery that its hard to make any rules about them. Suffice it to say, to benignly keep your inner trickster in shape is incumbent on all those who would skip a little in their feet of clay...

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